4 Big Benefits of Remote IT Management in London

The London business market is teaming with opportunity, but its fast-paced and competitive nature leaves no room for companies that drag their feet, and the most successful are always on the lookout for new ways to make their operation quicker, smoother, cheaper and smarter.

Posted by David Osen on 22 January 2018

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Matching your IT support in London to Business Growth

SMEs are the lifeblood of the London economy, disrupting every industry and setting new standards in the UK and across the world. The city is buzzing with a new wave of entrepreneurs and business start-ups, and many of them outsource their IT services in order to help them harness the right tech support to overcome barriers to growth and develop...

Posted by David Osen on 19 January 2018

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Creating a Cyber Security Culture to Stay Ahead of the Hackers & Meet GDPR Compliance

The idea that the IT department has sole responsibility for protecting the business might be one of the biggest and most dangerous myths around cyber security. And, with data security and protection so high on the regulator’s list of priorities, it’s a subject that businesses will be forced to look at more closely ahead of the GPDR deadline of May 2018.

Posted by David Osen on 17 January 2018

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10 Top Mobile Device Management Tips for Efficient & Secure Remote Working Practices

Mobile workforces are the power behind thousands of successful operations across the UK, embracing technology as a way to keep efficiency high and overheads low. These remote working task forces are (usually) equipped with the latest laptops, tablets and smartphones to do their job on the go, making device management a top priority for businesses that...

Posted by David Osen on 15 January 2018

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Panic on the Streets of London? IT Support to Help You Create a Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity planning is the first line of defence when it comes to protecting your organisation against the unexpected. Fire, flood, theft or malicious attacks on your systems could reduce or permanently damage your ability to do business, causing panic. To avoid such unthinkables, taking precautions and making plans are key to ensuring that any...

Posted by David Osen on 11 January 2018

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Your IT Roadmap: Getting Your Business Where You Want It to Be

It’s an exciting time for businesses, with new technology developing at a staggering rate to bring new opportunities for growth across every industry. IT leaders and Chief Information Officers everywhere may be licking their lips at the thought of what technology could to do enhance their business, but with this ambition comes the need for a strategy...

Posted by David Osen on 09 January 2018

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GDPR and Data Governance: Who Has to Do What to Meet Compliance?

It’s a New Year, and as we roll into 2018, the eyes of businesses all over the UK will be focused on GDPR. This is a huge piece of legislation that brings with it a lot of necessary changes regarding data protection and the data rights of the individual, but who is responsible for implementing the data governance policies and systems you need to put in...

Posted by David Osen on 05 January 2018

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6 Top Tips for Record Keeping to Meet GDPR Compliance Standards

The new GPDR legislation expects a lot from organisations, and extensive record keeping of all data protection activities is an obligation that will require a new granular level of detail.

Posted by David Osen on 02 January 2018

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The Data Balancing Test for GDPR Compliance

Under the topics of Consent and Legitimate Interest in the upcoming GDPR, performing a balancing test to weigh the reasons a business holds personal data against the data rights of an individual is something marketers, and organisations in general, are going to have to become much more familiar with. Companies will have to make changes to their existing...

Posted by David Osen on 29 December 2017

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How Can Pseudonymisation Help Your Business Comply With GDPR?

With GDPR on its way, the proper protection of data is paramount for any business looking to avoid the huge fines that regulators are warning will be meted out to those who don’t meet compliance standards. Compliance will be an organisation-wide project involving education on policies and best practices, as well as the actual implementation of system and...

Posted by David Osen on 27 December 2017

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