SMEs are the lifeblood of the London economy, disrupting every industry and setting new standards in the UK and across the world. The city is buzzing with a new wave of entrepreneurs and business start-ups, and many of them outsource their IT services in order to help them harness the right tech support to overcome barriers to growth and develop operationally fit businesses.  

How can external IT support help?

A reputable IT consulting service or service desk should offer the IT support in London you need, and a wide range of skills, specialist resources and a wealth of knowledge from different backgrounds and sectors. This pool of proven talent should enable them to:

  • Work with niche businesses, faced with the challenge of getting unique and enterprising ideas to market in the most cost-efficient way, and
  • Create innovative tech solutions for larger-scale businesses in more commercial and competitive markets

Create an IT plan for growth in 5 simple steps

  1. Talk to an IT expert

If you talk to a tried and tested IT partner, you’ll get expert advice from professionals who have earned their stripes working with businesses like yours in and around London.

An honest conversation about how your business works, your IT infrastructure, what your strengths are, where you struggle, and where you want the business to go ultimately, will provide the ideal starting point for your growth plans.

Expert eyes and ears are trained to pick up on opportunities and solutions where you might not have seen them before, so don’t hold back. Share the good, the bad and the ugly, and your future IT strategy will be much richer for it.

  1. Diagnose the IT barriers

Understanding your business challenges and where opportunity lies is vital to sustainable growth. With the help of an IT expert you can perform an IT health check and work through:

  • Business processes
  • Everyday procedures
  • Time to market
  • Customer journey
  • Legal, compliance and regulatory obligations
  • Network security
  • Data protection (particularly important now as GDPR approaches)
  • Vendor selection
  • Hardware updates and
  • Software licensing

A deep dive into everything that makes your business tick, essentially, in an effort to optimise your operational efficiency and get the best return from any investment in IT.

  1. Match your IT to your plans

IT upgrades don’t have to be expensive, or mean scrapping the software and systems you have in place to start from scratch. In fact, it’s much more about being planning well, being well-informed and making smart decisions that will benefit you long-term.  

A good IT service provider will help you create a plan to suit your business and your IT budget. And, if you really want to think big and need extra time or money to take your IT to the next level, your IT partner can help you plan in phases, so you’re always moving forward and in the most sensible way.                                                     

  1. Get the right IT support

A plan is only as good as the people who deliver it. So, if IT isn’t your forte, you don’t have the in-house resources, and you need support designing systems, buying hardware, choosing software, implementing business change or even training staff – factor the price of skilled resource into your plans and get the help you need.

Otherwise, you could end up with a very slick kit and none of the everyday benefits your business needs to grow.

Good IT support can be hired into your business, outsourced or tapped into as and when you need it, so weigh up your options and think about what will work best for you functionally and financially.

  1. Test, learn and grow!

Once you have everything you need to tackle your known barriers, you’ll be able to test your tech and operational processes to find new efficiencies and business opportunities that fit your IT roadmap.

And, because you can implement change at the rate your business can handle it, you can start small, stay agile, and iterate until you get the results you’re looking for.

A good IT plan will allow you to grow at a comfortable rate and have strong measurement in place, so you can analyse results and learn from the changes you’re making, as you go.

At, we work with businesses across London and the UK to deliver top-quality tech support and consulting services that make sure IT is an investment, not an expense, and ensure your business can grow and innovate to stand out from the crowd.

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