Our IT 101 series has taken a look at cloud computing, IT consultancies, the IT Roadmap and Virtual CIOs, and now we turn our attention to machine management. Many IT companies and consultancies offer machine management as a service, helping businesses take the hard work out of network administration and automation.

The service is all about creating a robust IT infrastructure that takes account of the needs of a business, ensuring the right software is in place for employees to do their jobs, with operational efficiency and security always front of mind.

The benefits of outsourced machine management:

  1. More streamlined business operations and processes

A detailed review of your business, how it operates currently and what you need to achieve on a daily/weekly/monthly basis will help your IT support design a network, complete with the software you need to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

They’ll look at every part of the business, the output and how to improve functionality, capability, security and everything in between, creating a business-ready network that can be rolled out on demand.

  1. Better buying power for software, licensing and third-party services

A business that understands its IT needs and wants has the benefit of clarity and can make important decisions around software, licenses and add-on services with more confidence.

Just like any other big purchase we might make, buying in bulk or signing up for a service for a longer period usually comes with some cost benefit, so it’s a good idea to know what you need up-front. That way, you won’t be sold products or services you really don’t need, or pay over the odds.  

  1. Easier information sharing and collaboration

Having the right tools to enable collaboration and communication, using the same software and guaranteeing the same level of security makes it much easier to share sensitive information and collaborate on projects that span teams and even countries.

  1. Increased IT efficiency and reduced waste

Machine management isn’t about finding a ‘one size fits all’ solution, it allows a business to develop a standardised network that takes account of everything a new employee might need to get up and running.

In practice, that means that when Norman Newbie sits down at his desk on his first day:

  • He’ll have a working email account
  • The software he needs will already be installed
  • His printer will be set up
  • He’ll have access to all the information he needs to do his job and
  • The appropriate security settings will be in place around sensitive information

The network pushed out by your IT support can even be job-specific, so if you’re setting up for an accountant, web master or head of compliance, their machine will include all the relevant software and access to whatever information they need to hit the ground running - saving precious resources and reducing downtime.

  1. Tighter control of IT budget and more efficient spend

Full visibility of your IT network, a more uniform approach and a central IT budget is guaranteed to save any business money.

A business that’s pulling together to achieve common goals will always function more efficiently and if you’re clear about how IT can help get the organisation there, spend should be easier to approve and stand over.

  1. Reduced machine management and upkeep costs

The beauty of designing custom builds and managing the number of add-ons to machines is that they’re more easily maintained and any issues that do arise can be resolved quickly by IT support troubleshooters.

  1. Increased visibility for IT road mapping

Machine management can produce immediate results when it comes to saving time and money. But it’s more than a quick fix, and allows businesses to protect and future-proof with smart choices around technology and digital innovation.

Knowledge and experience is everything in IT, so it makes sense to work with your IT support partner to make machine management an ongoing part of your bigger development plans.  

They know the industry, they’re at the forefront of tech trends and see opportunities that can make a big difference to the businesses they work with, so tap into their skills and expertise whenever you can.

  1. Better use of time and less downtime

Fewer issues, faster resolution of any that do pop up and less downtime means more efficient use of time all round. Machine management offers on-the-spot help desk support too, so business owners won’t suffer the frustration of paying for a full-time employee (or bunch of FTEs) who get paid whether there are IT issues to fix or not.

  1. Expertise on tap

IT can be detailed and complex and even businesses with the best in-house resource can’t guarantee they’ll have the expertise they need for any issue that comes up.

This is where a machine management service really comes into its own, because you’ll never have to worry about finding the right man (or woman) for the job. Your support partner will take responsibility for resolving the issue, find the person most qualified to fix it and manage the process end-to-end.

  1. Better security

When it comes to online security and data protection, confidence in your software and IT partner is critical. Businesses can thrive or die on security alone, so it needs expert care and a management plan to ensure customer information remains safe and the business stays on the right side of security and privacy laws.

Consistency of approach is key here and just one more benefit of machine management, because security is managed from one central location and updates will be included, so you’ll never leave the business open to threat because a patch is on your ‘to do’ list and you just haven't got round to it yet (trust us, it happens).

  1. Lower operating costs and hardware savings

Easier administration, operating efficiencies, improved server utilisation, better control of spend, smarter investment, less reliance on in-house hardware, cloud computing and better buying power can all help lower costs and help businesses move forward with a more intelligent approach to IT.

Find out how outsourced IT services and solutions can help your business grow by downloading our eBook on The Role Of IT In Your Growing Agency:


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