Even small businesses or agencies with aspirations of growth understand IT is vital for productivity and operational success, but not all of them have the desire to master the art of IT management. 

In fact, the most successful businesses know their strengths and understand the importance of using an IT service provider when needs must.

SMEs with IT resources on-site are generally swamped with managing everyday tactical issues. This leaves little time for strategic thinking or the level of maintenance, monitoring and planning required to drive the kind of enhancements that help future-proof success.   

What is a Virtual CIO?

A Virtual CIO offers a portfolio of IT solutions, delivered by an expert team of managed service providers. They take on the tasks that would normally be managed by chief information officers, chief technology officers and technology consultants, making them:

  • Ideal for businesses who don’t want to invest time or money in their own IT Team
  • A smart alternative to expanding an existing team focused on day-to-day issues

What do Virtual CIOs do?

Virtual CIOs take care of everything from IT infrastructure management, firewall and virus protection to WAN/LAN health monitoring, disaster recovery and scheduled on-site support. The list goes on, but their main objective is to keep systems and data safe, secure and accessible.

Above all else, Virtual CIOs are proactive and that’s important for a thriving business, because they’re fastidious about monitoring, measuring and maintaining IT health and security.

They’re at the coal face of IT innovation and offer a wealth of knowledge on new business technology, industry trends and the competitive landscape. And because they provide remote and on-site support, they can make themselves available for workshops and consultations or to troubleshoot issues that arise anywhere in the world.

Virtual CIOs can also help clients use IT as a tool for growth, spending budgets more wisely, customising processes and trimming the fat to make the business operation as lean and efficient as possible.

We promised four good reasons, so here they are.

#1 IT can mean the difference between mediocre and marvellous

Consistent IT management and maintenance is key to uninterrupted productivity. Virtual CIOs deliver this in spades with one hand keeping day-to-day operations in good shape and the other planning for the future.

#2 Expert technology road-mapping

Successful businesses are agile, forward-thinking and have a clear vision of where they want the business to go. Outsourcing to a virtual CIO can help to realise that vision with immediate improvements and longer-term strategic plans that leverage IT to meet the operational and commercial goals of the business.

#3 Foolproof security and disaster planning

Disaster recovery is a hot topic right now as the conversation around the best ways to tackle international fraud, global terrorism and even natural disasters grows arms and legs.

Virtual CIOs can help businesses and agencies of all sizes develop management strategies that allow for rapid response and protect productivity in the event of a disaster recovery incident.

#4 Unlimited access to IT experts

Having in-house resources is no guarantee you’ll always have the right person to resolve an IT issue. The business also needs to be able to allow for leave or illness, and may not be able to afford to stand still until the IT personnel return. Virtual CIOs overcome that hurdle, providing peace of mind in knowing that you’ll always get the expertise you need and a technology partner that will drive innovation from the inside out.  

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