The London business market is teaming with opportunity, but its fast-paced and competitive nature leaves no room for companies that drag their feet, and the most successful are always on the lookout for new ways to make their operation quicker, smoother, cheaper and smarter.

A competitive edge means different things to different business owners, but a fast and efficient network and IT system is essential for any organisation to remain viable. For many SMEs dealing with limited resources and a shortage of IT talent, remote IT management from an IT service desk offers an affordable solution.

Disruption to online services, poor network connectivity, careless cyber security or a lack of technical know-how generally can be detrimental to any business, but smaller agencies and consultancies are particularly vulnerable and at risk of being overtaken in the London market if they don’t properly manage something as fundamental as their IT.

Why is remote IT monitoring so important?

Remote monitoring from an outsourced IT service desk is about proactive management, staying on top of your IT infrastructure to prevent falling into an endless loop of break-fix scenarios, and ensuring you have expert help on tap whenever you need it.

A good IT partner will ensure the benefits stretch beyond good response times too.

4 Key Benefits of remote IT monitoring

1. It will save time and increase efficiency, allowing you to better channel valuable resources and budget, and spend less time tracking issues and managing your IT assets.

With automated IT tracking software, your entire network can be maintained off-site, putting user set-up, computer parity, security, machine management, issue solving and much more, in the hands of experts for end-to-end care.  

2. An ‘always on’ approach means early detection and proactive maintenance, as network irregularities and faults are picked up and addressed immediately. An outsourced IT service desk essentially becomes your virtual CTO, overseeing all tech maintenance.

System updates happen when they’re supposed to, antivirus software is kept up to date and health-checked regularly, firewalls are protected, hardware is upgraded as required – important upkeep that might otherwise go unnoticed or undone, leading to an increased risk of network inefficiency or cyber security slip ups that inevitably lead to bigger and more expensive problems.   

3. Remote monitoring and the expert knowledge that comes with it means businesses benefit from intelligence and insights. The overall health of your IT network will be better, but understanding where improvements have been made and which changes are positively influencing your efficiency, accuracy and bottom line, are essential takeaways for conscientious business owners who want to:

  • Match their systems to user’s needs
  • Capitalise on any competitive advantage quickly and
  • Plan effectively for growth and follow their IT roadmap

4. The ability to minimise business disruption is key to every business. The cost of common issues such as unexpected downtime, lost revenue, reputational damage, vendor issues and licensing headaches can take their toll and mount quickly. This makes it increasingly important for SMEs to have an IT support partner in London they can rely on to act quickly and provide immediate solutions, reducing downtime and catching faults before customers or their experience are affected.   

These are just some of the benefits businesses who avail of remote IT monitoring stand to gain. At, we can work with you to create IT solutions that support your business now and into the future.

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